October 1 - "Theatrical Immersion" Meeting with Director Lukasz Twarkowski and cast

Venue: Theatre Factory 42 (Coca - Cola Former factory)
October 1 -  "Theatrical Immersion" Meeting with Director Lukasz Twarkowski and cast

Moderator: Gurami Ghonghadze 

Beginning time: 13:00 


ŁUKASZ TWARKOWSKI is a creator of multimedia performances combining theatre and visual arts. He places his projects in the context of extending reality through multimedia.

A crucial element of Twarkowski's creative work is investigating the ability and limitations of theatre as a medium and tool of communication. By permanent deconstruction of narratives, questioning the fixed habits of the audience and by meaningful usage of new media, Twarkowski creates a new, original language of stage performance based on multimedia and, more widely, digital technologies. In using these, Twarkowski analyses and observes increasingly complex relations between the Real, the Symbolic and the Imagined. In this area his works are innovative and at times pioneering.

About Performance: 

With “The Employees”, Łukasz Twarkowski and his team continue their search for an original, multimedia theatrical form in which image, sound and action enable the audience total immersion in an unknown world. This time, it is the world of the future: on board a space ship an experiment is conducted: how will the cooperation unfold between humans and their humanoid counterparts? Both groups are under close observation and control of a mysterious Organization managing the expedition, and the audience watches their report on their relationships, work, communication and coexistence. At the time of developing AI technology, questions about human cooperating with non-human entities have never been so urgent. The play explores the nature of human consciousness as reflected in its counterpart, enhancing the feeling of the uncanny valley – this particular strangeness we experience when faced with the other, but yet similar to the human. What is the nature of emotion? Can an algorithm experience subjective states, and feel?  Is an artificially created sense of “I” a potential threat to the human species? Can there be a ghost in the shell?


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