Call for International Program NEW 2022!

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre announces post-Covid return for the International Program NEW 2022!

This coming back is filled with pain and devastation because of the war in Ukrine! Independent, free country with rich cultural heritage is invaded by Putin. The wound is so fresh to us. This is not first time he starts war against other country – Putin aimed to occupy Georgia and started war against the country in 2008.  

We stand with Ukrine! We can’t be silent! Glory to brave people!


 #WeStandWithUkraine #славаукраїні

Program NEW was presented to the Georgian audience as a part of International Program with an aim to attract new to international scene and emerging artists, to challenge the audience with different forms and disciples of contemporary arts and the same time to encourage artists from all around the world. Since its first days, every edition and its artist make the idea of NEW successful. NEW  hosted great companies and artists from Israel, Poland, Lithuania, Argentina, Romania, Germany, Finland, Russia, India, Denmark, Slovenia, Armenia, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Norway, Hungary, Sweden, Moldova.
So, with this announcement for participation in program NEW,  the artists in theatre, circus, dance, street art, installation and digital arts  and their companies are invited to discover Georgia, meet the most magical audience and promote their work internationally!

This year, the festival also announces special prize for the companies   -  

The Special Prize of the Georgian Theatre Critics Association. The prize will be awarded to only one company.


Have a look at CONDITIONS for participation!

The Deadline for call of applications – April 15,  2022

The program is based on selection;

Selected performances will be annonced by e-mail not later than April 25, 2022

For selected participants festival provides following:
- Venue and technical support;
- General publicity;
- Accommodation during the stay;
- Airport transfers;

Please take into consideration following points:
 The set-up day and performance day will be appointed by the festival and it is 2 days, accommodation is set accordingly;
- TBS international does not cover your international travel costs and does not provide an artistic fee.

How to apply:
- We receive online application forms only.
- Please send filled application form together full DVD record of performance on vimeo and the requested appendixes to:

Download The Application Form


Tinatin Kalatozishvili
International Program “NEW” Coordinator
8 Marjanishvili Street | Tbilisi 0102, Georgia
Tel: + 995 322 95 35 82
Cell: +995 597 51 07 57


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