After graduating from the directing department of Shota Rustaveli Theatre Institute (  Dmitri Aleksidze and Mikhail Tumanishvili classes), he worked, as a director, with the various Georgian theatre companies:  Shalva Dadiani Drama Theatre ( Zugdidi);  Nodar Dumbadze  Youth Theatre and Rustaveli Theatre.

From 1980 to 1990 he was an artistic director of Kote Marjanishvili Theatre.

Since 1991 Chkheidze has been a stage director at  Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre in , St. Petersburg, first a stage director, in 2004 he took the post of chief director of the theatre, and since 2007 he has become its artistic director.

Temur Chkheidze has directed more than seventy performances in Tbilisi, Georgia, Russia, the United States and Italy.

Among those are: Moscow Bolshoi Theatre; St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre; Moscow Art Theatre ( Hudozestvenni  - МHАТ); Genoa, Venice, Bordeaux opera houses; Milan's La Scala and Metropolitan Opera. 

His television productions “ Jhako’s Dispossessed", "The Law of Eternity" and " The White Rabbit" are among the best works of  Georgian television plays, which took a firm place in the hall of fame of  Georgian television Drama.


"I was one of the first to refuse to put my regalia on the posters. Those of the others were written up, but in my case it was just my first and last name: "Director - Temur Chkheidze." Please, don't write "a peoples’ artist", I always said, ,, print the banners without it”.  

In 2014, Chkheidze headed the Center for the Development of Contemporary Theatrical Art in Tbilisi, created on the basis of the Royal DistrictTheater.

Awards and prizes:

 Kote Marjanishvili Award winner; Shota Rustaveli Prize winner; Mikheil Tumanishvili Award winner; two-time winner of the Golden Mask,  Georgian Theatre Prize, Gogi Gegechkori award  ,,Knight of the Georgian Art”; ,,Durudji” Award for the best directorial work etc. 

"I always tried to find and recognize my mistakes, both in life and in art, and constantly analyzed where I could make a mistake that would be impossible to correct.

I've just been lucky, I used to stage the plays that I wanted to stage. In this regard, I've always been a lucky man.“


Temur Chkheidze died in 2022.



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