Against of the darkness

  • Director: Kateryna Kisten and Igor Rubashkin
  • Theatre:New theatre on Pechersk
  • Hosting Theatre:Tbilisi Wine Museum
  • Date:
    • 10 October - 20:00 hr,

Jörgen Hjerdt ( Swedish playwright)



Directed  by  Kateryna Kisten and Igor Rubashkin

Composer  Andrii Merkhel

Designer  , Choreographer , Music Adapted by  Kateryna Kisten and Igor Rubashkin 

Photographer Yuri Mechetov

Duration; 90 minute, without intermissions



Kris-  Igor Rubashkin

Kim- Kateryna Kisten


About performance:

This text was written for the festival in the April! You can choose from it what do you want:

“The play "Against of the darkness” is based on the play “ In the darkness” by the Swedish playwright Jørgen Herdt.

"In a certain sense, the play is timeless, but it fully reflects the current world situation. The most important thing I wanted to write about is trust and unity," says the author of the play "In the Dark" Jørgen Hierdt.

Chris and Kim are guards, or so they tell each other. They've been in their posts for so long that they're starting to wonder if they're still in the right place...or is their mission even over? They have lost track of time, but they know that a real threat exists...

The story unfolds next to the audience, who become complicit in what is happening. "In the Dark" is about uncertainty when you find yourself over the abyss of the unknown, before the moment of inevitable disaster....

This theme is familiar to the heroes who ended up together in the Darkness...

Two Ukrainian actors who today found themselves in the midst of a war. A long-term partnership, forced to stop by a full-scale invasion... He - remained in Ukraine, she - ended up in Sweden... A year of silence in the profession, which resulted in a two-month zoom-dialogue of rehearsals for the future project.

Today they will meet for on the stage in Tbilisi to talk about the same thing from different points of reference - the disorientation of life with the black face of war as a background.

...The author's idea was to play in the dark. The reality of time - there is enough darkness without turning off the light!


The language of the play is Ukrainian

Subtitles - in Georgian”


Company history 

New theatre on Pechersk was based on the one of the actor’s curse from the University of the theatre and cinema art of Karpenko-Karyi ( Kyiv). The theatre works in experimental way, has quite interesting repertoire that includes totally different genres and styles and likes to be on the fresh way of art process. The theatre took part in the Edinburgh theatrical festival, made a projects in collaboration with Munich, with Swedish art group “ Melo”, with Italian director and others..

The text from Dom Master Klass :

Katerina Kisten is an outstanding Ukrainian theater actress, with a limitless genre spectrum: from humorously explosive comedic roles to existentially tragic ones. Popular movie actress. Honored Artist of Ukraine. Awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.

Ihor Rubashkin is a talented Ukrainian actor who continues the dynasty of a star theater family. Honored Artist of Ukraine. His creative biography is connected, first of all, with the dramatic theater, where Igor acts both as a leading actor and as a director. Along with theatrical activities, Ihor Rubashkin works a lot in movies and on television.

We are two actors from the New Theatre on Pechersk ( Kiev) created by ourselves this special performance. We made it for the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Art Festival  in Tbilisi  “ Ukraine +Sakartvelo. Side by side” April 2023. Dom Master Klass , Ukrainian cultural center - festival’s founder and organizer.



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