Discrete Figures

  • Director: MIKIKO
  • Theatre:ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks x Kyle McDonald
  • Hosting Theatre:Kote Marjanishvili State Professional Drama Theater (Big Stage)
  • Date:
    • 9 October - 20:00 hr,
    • 10 October - 20:00 hr,

ELEVENPLAY × Rhizomatiks × Kyle McDonald
Dance Performance

Stage Director  - MIKIKO
Artistic Direction/ Music - Daito Manabe
Photo by  Suguru Saito


About performance:

Dance performance generating bodily expression through mathematical / collective intelligence-based methodology. With AI and machine learning offering new insights into the body schema and movement, numeric data and analytical results derived from it inform the choreography. A neighborhood search system matches pose data from stage footage and movies with dancer pose data, for instance, to project imagery of poses closest to theirs into a rectangular on-stage frame. Analysis of lobby-shot day-of-show audience footage and dancers’ motion data is used to project audience members on-screen as dancers themselves, while on-stage implements from microdrones to the frame respond to dancers’ movements based on various rules and algorithms to generate new bodily expressions. Presented since 2018 in cities around the world including Montréal (Canada), San Francisco (U.S.A.), Tokyo and Barcelona (Spain).

2019 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division Excellent Award

Duration: 60 minute



‘discrete figures’ unites the performing arts and mathematics in a dramatic exploration of the relationship between the human body and computer generated movement (simulated bodies) born from mathematical analysis.

Rhizomatiks Research and ELEVENPLAY have garnered an international following for their many groundbreaking collaborations to date. Melding a commitment to conceptual innovation with a high level of technical refinement, they have unlocked unexplored possibilities in dance as a performing art, approached from the tandem perspective of installation and media art. ‘discrete figures’ represents the fruits of their latest collaboration in the form of a dance performance conceived jointly with U.S.-based media artist and researcher Kyle McDonald.

‘discrete figures’ unites the performing arts and mathematics in a dramatic exploration of the relationship between the human body and computer generated movement (simulated bodies) born from mathematical analysis. As an additional layer of complexity, the performance piece utilizes drones, A.I., and machine learning in the quest for a new palette of movement to foster undiscovered modes of expressive dance that transcend the limits of conventional human subjectivity and emotional expression.


Rhizomatiks explores new possibilities of technology and expression focusing on experimental projects which involve R&D heavy approach, while taking responsibility in every process of the project from hardware and software development to operations. Rhizomatiks execute R&D projects and creation with elaborate research on the relationship between humans and technologies. Additionally, the company keeps presenting more cutting-edge research and works through collaboration with other artists, researchers, and scientists.

website: rhizomatiks.com



Dance company directed by choreographer & art director, MIKIKO.

ELEVENPLAY was founded by MIKIKO in 2009, in the hopes of creating dancers who would possess highly artistic sense and creativity on top of exquisite techniques, body and spirit.

Composed of female dancers from a variety of genre, ELEVENPLAY has diverse methods of expression are diverse from stages to video works and still photos.

We have many collaboration pieces with Rhizomatiks Research, directed by Daito Manabe; we were privileged to present one of such pieces at "Sónar Festival," "Festival Internacional Cervantino," "MUTEK MEXICO," "MUTEK Montréal," and "Gray Area Festival."

We have been eagerly broadening our playing field worldwide, as seen in Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY  US TOUR 2018「things」in January 2018 and ELEVENPLAY× Rhizomatiks Research × Kyle McDonald  NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 2018 「discrete figures」in April that were also a large success.




MIKIKO, a stage designer/choreographer.

As the director and chief choreographer of dance company "ELEVENPLAY", MIKIKO has been building up her very own creative world with the company's highly talented dancers.

She has taken an artistic direction and choreographic direction for famous Japanese artists like Perfume, BABYMETAL, Ringo Shiina and more and for various MV, CM and stages.

Her works have gained a highly reputation in the Media Arts world both of Japan and overseas. In the universe of MIKIKO, the mixture of the real and virtual worlds generates immediate fascination with her adept skills in utilizing the newest technology for her choreographies.

She has collaborated with creators transcending a wide various of genres


-Kyle Macdonald

Kyle McDonald is an artist working with code. He is a contributor to open source arts-engineering toolkits like openFrameworks, and builds tools that allow artists to use new algorithms in creative ways. He has a habit of sharing ideas and projects in public before they're completed. He creatively subverts networked communication and computation, explores glitch and systemic bias, and extends these concepts to reversal of everything from identity to relationships. Kyle has been an adjunct professor at NYU's ITP, and a member of F.A.T. Lab, community manager for openFrameworks, and artist in residence at STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon, as well as YCAM in Japan. His work is commissioned by and shown at exhibitions and festivals around the world, including: NTT ICC, Ars Electronica, Sonar/OFFF, Eyebeam, Anyang Public Art Project, Cinekid. He frequently leads workshops exploring computer vision and interaction.





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