International Program

Program type: International Program
Beginning at: 19:00 - Friday, 28 September
Location: sioni st. 13/40 yard of seminary.
Fundacja Art Junction


Art Junction Foundation


Based on stories collected from the people of Shida Kartli

Created by: Dariusz Błaszczyk/ Zbigniew Olkiewicz / Barbara Pradzynska/Jarosław Siejkowski.
Music: Andrzej Izdebski & collective

Duration 60 minutes without intermission

Creative team: Giorgi Babalashvili, Levan BeJanishvili, Dariusz Blaszczyk, Nino Bolkhvadze, Tamo Chibilashvili, Archil Chovelidze,Izo Chubinidze, Nino Davitashvili, Nino Gochiashvili, Rati Kharelidze, Beqa Khipiani, Dima Kopadze, Giorgi Koshuashvili, Temo Kvitaishvili, Temo Lejava, Tako Mazmishvili, Zurab Mdzinarashvili, Zbigniew Olkiewicz, Zura  Pavliashvili, Barbara Pradzynska, Saba Qareli, Ana Qavtaradze, Alex Samkharadze, Jaroslaw Siejkowski, Mari Tlashadze.

Thanks to: Givi Cverava Director of Eristavi theatre. Dato Chxartishviii Artistic Director of Eristavi theatre.



HOUSE/BORDER is an outdoor performance; an expression of the collaboration between Polish and Georgian artists.

This work is based on the social situation of communities traumatised by conflict and the occupation of South Ossetia - and is inspired by the drama of world renowned Polish writer Sławomir Mrożek - 'House on the Border'.


Two words whose meanings contradict each other, come together in this performance. HOUSE - the symbol of unity, security, friendship and tradition, alongside BORDER which divides and isolates and preserves differences.

The human struggles and tragedy that transpire on the cross-point of those two words, allows us to explore the wider meaning of humanity.

Research for the performance started from meetings with people who were or are at present living in the conflict zone in the Gori region. The social situation of communities traumatised by war in South Ossetia and people's stories from the past and present impel us to focus on the human condition in a world ruled by political calculations.



2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the war that erupted yet again in the Shrida Kartli region. To this day, one can see demarcation lines in Georgia, which in fact divide thousands of local peoples: families, neighbours, and friends. For the last ten years, villages and houses and fields have been separated by barbed wire. We started a project with local communities to focus on their lives along the border, their stories, their hopes and troubles.

To discover their strength and humanity - their love of life - even when life is balanced on the edge of the unknown.


Thanks are due to all the warm and wonderful people who were so kind and helpful towards us and this project. We learned a lot from you.

Tribute to memory of Keti Bejiashvili


Founded by Polish theatre artists and cultural activists

Barbara Pradzynska and Jarosław Siejkowski, Art Junction brings together social awareness and art. The foundation’s activities focus on multicultural exchange, mutual tolerance, work with minorities and groups with limited access to cultural and social resources. Art Junction aspires to provoke and create action against discrimination and deprivation through artistic expression. It collaborates with social activists and mostly independent artistes from different backgrounds.


Since 2015 Art Junction has created several social projects, workshops and performances in Poland, Kurdistan/Iraq, India, Romania and Turkey: and has collaborated with artists from Turkey, Germany, Romania, Hungary and Mexico. In 2015 Art Junction conducted workshops with Syrian refugees, Kurdish and Arabic children in South-east Turkey. This was followed by a number of theatre performances in a local theatre festival and in a refugee camp. In 2017 Art Junction presented the performance 'Not Our Business' at the International Theatre Festival of Kerala, prepared within the local community of a rural district in India, in collaboration with local actors.


In House/Border, Art Junction collaborates with independent artists and performers from Poland, Zbigniew Olkiewicz (Akademia Ruchu) and Dariusz Blaszczyk (multimedia artist) in the work process was joined with gerogian art producer George Babalashvili, as well as artists associated with the George Eristavi Gori State Drama Theater, local young actors and community members, journalists, filmmakers and producers.

ArtJunction collects artist whose work is focused on the society. It focuses on multicultural exchange, mutual tolerance; work with minorities and groups with a limited access to cultural and social resources. ArtJunction's idea is to provoke and create actions against of discrimination and deprivation trough artistic expression. AJ collaborates with mostly independent artistes from diverse backgrounds and social activists from Poland and abroad as well.

Barbara Pradzynska founded ArtJunction Foundation,, and Jaroslaw Siejkowski both experienced theatre artists and cultural activists from Poland.

In House-Border they collaborate with independent artists and performers from Poland Zbigniew Olkiewicz (Akademia Ruchu),  Dariusz Blaszczyk - multimedia artist. and in the work process will be joined with gerogian art producer George Babalashvili, Georgian Artists  collaborating with George Eristavi Gori State Drama Theater

Since 2012 ArtJunction has created number of social project, workshops and performances in Poland, Kurdistan/Iraq, India, Romania, and Turkey; and collaborated with artists from Turkey, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and Mexico. In 2015,  AJ prepared workshops with Syrian refugees, Kurdish, Arabic kids and youth of south-east Turkey. It was followed by number of theatre performances in local theatre festival and in Refugee Camp. In 2017 AJ prepared performance “Not Our Business” with community of rural district in India in collaboration with local actors and International Theatre Festival of Kerala.


Financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, within the scope of the Multiannual Program INDEPENDENT 2017-2021, as part of the "Cultural bridges" subsidy program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

the RITA – “Region in Transition” Program. Project co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation as part of the RITA – “Region in Transition” Program implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation.


Tbilisi Municipality city hall.