Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Beginning at: 18:00 - Thursday, 27 September
Location: Rezo Gabriadze Theatre, Tbilisi
Rezo Gabriadze


Playwright, director and painter – Rezo Gabriadze



Ramona - Nino Kasradze

Ermon - Zaza Papuashvili

Babahidi - Alexei Kolgan

Samarkandski - Roman Karzev 

Keto - Rusudan Bolkvadze

Viktor – Zaza Papuashvili

Olgha – Nino Arsenishvili

Beglar – Ruslan Mikaveridze

An elderly man – Rezo Tavartkiladze

Gypsie – Nana Shonia

Clowns “Uime” and “Vaime” – Denis Surnov

Militiaman – David Dvalishvili

Peasant – Badri Gvazava

Animators: Tamar Amirejibi, Badri Gvazava, Irakli Sharashidze, Vladimer Melzer, Anna Nizharadze, Nino Sajaia


About the play
Kipling once came up with an inspiring phrase: “Locomotive is the most sensitive creation of man”.

In my memory there awoke a long-forgotten and warm word: locomotive. This creature breathed in steam clouds, greeted us in its harsh voice and smelled of dry coal in wet weather. The reminiscence  suddenly invoked another happy memory – a stray circus  __ the Shapito of my childhood, smelling of tarpaulin, sawdust and manure. This was how these two beloved images met: locomotive and Shapito. Through them I wanted to share the sense of undeserved heaven I found myself in and where I was ousted from by the life.

Ramona is a story of love of two locomotives. The play is set in Rioni Station after the World War II. Ermon, a robust locomotive is sent on a business trip to a remote place with the aim of completing the Soviet-time 5-year plan in 4 years. A shunting locomotive, Ramona stays back in a small railway station and waits for her husband missing him painfully. Her existence is filled with memories. Years pass. The characters gradually head into trouble. Ramona’s life changes with the arrival of a stray circus – Shapito. The lovers meet again but what are the circumstances? The audience only learns the answer with the twist in the finale.


Ramona left a poetic trace in the Avignon Festival.

                                                            France, La Grande Provence  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2017

Tickets for Ramona are all sold out and hall is crammed full. Rezo Gabriadze is a master – a  Barocco star of our times. We have to try our best and get him tour France.

                                                                        France, Le Monde, 2017



The play was premiered on January 18, 2013
Duration: 65 mins. without a break
On tour: 11 Persons

The Gabriadze Theater is founded in 1981 by world- famous artist, director, screenwriter and painter Rezo Gabriadze. ( whose awards include Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic – France’s highest recognition for cultural achievements.)
Theater stands in the heart of Tbilisi’s historic Old Town. This beautiful building of the unique marionette theatre was designed by Gabriadze himself.
Though modest in size (only 80 places), The Gabriadze Theater is among the world’s preeminent cultural institutions. Presenting mature puppet performances full of depth and meaning, it has gained the respect and recognition of international audiences and critics alike.
The Gabriadze Theater has toured extensively, its recent venues including: Lincoln Center Festival in New York; The Edinburgh Festival; Bogota Theater Festival; San Sebastian Festival, Spain; Toronto World Stage Festival; The Barbican Center, London; Theater de la Ville, Paris; The Kennedy Center Festival, Washington, D.C.; 
Among the shows in its current repertoire are: “The Autumn of My Spring”, “The Battle of Stalingrad”, “Ramona”, “Diamond of Marshal de Fant’e”.


Rezo Gabriadze

Rezo Gabriadze is a renowned playwright, director, sculptor and a painter. He has written scripts for about 40 feature films, some billed as classics __ Do not worry, Mimino, Kin-dza-dza!, Weirdos, Extraordinary Exhibition.
He is a founder of  Marionette Drama Theatre in Tbilisi. His staged plays include internationally acclaimed Alfred and Violette, Autumn Of My Spring, Daughter of Trapezund Emperor, Stalingrad, Ramona, Marshal D’Fantie’s Diamond.
Gabriadze has created illustrations for over 50 books. His works __sculptures, ceramics, oil and graphic paintings have been exhibited in Hermitage (St. Petersburgh), Dostoevsky Museum (Moscow), Lembah Museum (Munich). His symbolic statues Chizhik-pizhik, Major Kovalev’s Nose have become one of the landmarks of St. Petersburgh. Moscow Pushkin Museum hosted his first personal exhibition in 2012. This year saw the opening of his permanent exhibition of ceramics and dolls in Tbilisi.
 He has received various international and local awards: Shota Rustaveli State Award, Nika, Triumph, Golden Mask, Golden Sofit, Tsarskoselskaya and others.  He was titled Commandeur of Arts and Culture (Order of French Republic).